You'll Never Find These 15 Crazy Things Anywhere Except In Japan 1

You’ll Never Find These 15 Crazy Things Anywhere Except In Japan

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You can say that Japan is a whole other planet. What makes it special is its people who overcome, with hard honest work, all obstacles and are known to be one of the smartest and most envied in the world.

Yet, Japanese people also have a quirky side to them. Their fashion sense, their habits, and ways they deal with life will keep your mouth wide open, either from surprise or laughter.

Buzzyat has brought to you 17 fascinating facts about the daily lives of Japanese people.

15. Occupation: Push People into the train

Japanese subways have many passengers (which is not surprising because they are very active and dynamic) but during rush hours, it reaches its climax. That's why they hired people called Oshiya, to literally push people into the train. Sounds like a cool job to me. 

14. Kitkats Come with the flavors of sweet potoes, sake, or chele pepper

Japanese Kitkats come with weird, unheard of flavors. From wasabi, and sake to green tea and pear.

Note: Kitkat in Japanese sounds like Kitto Katsu which means "You'll surely win". That's the reason why students are often given ones before exams as a good luck gift.

13. The Biggest Collection of trains

Trains in Japan are richly varied. You can find double-decked, vintage, super fast, trains with engines, trains resembling cartoons like Thomas the Tank Engine (sweet memories) and subway trains have special women-only carts that makes them safe from men's attempts of sexual harassment. 

12. Cafes that sell Affecion

This might seem weird to you, but there are cafes, were men who pay extra charge can lie with the waitress, stroke her hair, embrace her, gaze at her eyes, have a conversation but nothing more! 

11. Wine Spas

. ワイン風呂? #yunessun #wine #kdc6 #箱根 #卒業旅行

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For a sum of money, you can swim in a huge pool of coffee, sake, wine and also drink it from the spot. (as long as you don't fart, I think it's safe to drink it). 

10. Vending machines that could even sell you onions

Japan has so many vending machines, that you can find vending machines that would sell u underwear or onions! 

9. Robotic pets

Pets in Japan are as expensive as buying a new vehicle. That's why parents prefer to buy robots that imitate house pets instead. 

8. Lemons cost 24.000 Dollars

It might seem weird to you, but it's true. Lemons in Japan are so rare and only grown in small amounts in on the island of Hokkaido. Due to their scarcity, they are immediately sold to eager clients for expensive prices. 

At an auction in 2008, two melons were sold for 24.000$

7. Their fashion is..unique

Do you wanna get them ? ?? #lolita_kawaiishoes #harajuku #japanfashion #omg #sandal #beach #shoes

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Japanese people take fashion in an artistic manner. It is all about the crazy expressions, bright enticing colors, crazy designs... to the point that some consider it as a unique form of contemporary art. 

6. Plastic Food

No, they don't eat plastic. There are specialists who make artificial food that looks the same as the real one for it to be displayed as samples for customers. 

5. Ladies stand up!

cellphone game too strong... #tokYOsubwaY

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In public transports, no one is offered a seat; pregnant, women, children, or the elderly. Who comes first sits

4. Beauty standards are different

Instead of the Hollywood smile, Japanese people prefer crooked teeth, they even build them up and "correct" them. 

Dentists must have lots of fun there. 

3. Going to the toilet is like trying to land with an airplane

If you're in an urgent need to pee, then you'll probably end up pissing your pants in Japan. The toilets there are so complicated and have a complex control panel that looks like an airplane's!

2. Ice Cream with the flavor of meat, noodles, or even beer

Cup Ramen ice cream, anyone?!?+? #onlyinJapan #ramenicecream #withrealramentoppings

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If you are a fan of ice cream, then you should definitely try Japanese ice cream, it comes with all flavors, including noodles, beer, and meat. 

1. An Island full of rabbits

Just call me Snow White #okunoshima #rabbitisland #liveduptothename #rabbit #japan

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If you like bunnies, then pay a visit to Okunoshima Island. During World War II, when humans thought it was a good idea to bomb themselves, a number of rabbits were imported to the island for scientific research. But the program was canceled and the rabbits who were let loose didn't waste any time. Now the Island is famous with the furry creatures. 


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