You Can Go To Jail If You Take Photos In These 8 Places 1

You Can Go To Jail If You Take Photos In These 8 Places

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Imagine going on a vacation to someplace, and just as you open up your camera to take some cool selfies or a memorial for your visit, a policeperson suddenly pops up and tells you that it’s against the law. It is weird, however, also true in some countries.

Buzzyat will show you where to avoid taking few snaps that could send u to jail. 

8. United Arab Emirates

Taking pictures in frobidden places in the UAE, such as government buildings, some bridges, and palaces and sheikhs, could result in putting you for 1 to 3 months of imprisonment and a 1,361 Dollars fine. 

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Now it might sound weird that such a country actually does this, but it's sadly true. The Red Light District is known for its brothels, picturesque canals, and coffee shops. Since locals got fade up with tourists taking photos of the prostitutes in the windows, they, at best, would wrench the camera away. At worst, they'd beat your ass. 

6. South Korea

No way! is the first thing that comes to mind with this progressive country, but it is also true. Korea is so pro-women's rights, and women feel generally safe there. In this country, it is absolutely forbidden to photograph a woman without her consent- even in public places. It is considered as an act of sexual aggression and is punished by a 10 million won (8000$) and up to five years of imprisonment

5. England

Although England is cool with tourists taking photos, commercial photography requires authorization. For example, commercial shooting in Trafalgar Square and Parliament square can only be done with the permission of the Mayor himself. 

4. Japan

In Japan, it is forbidden to take photos in temples and statues because they think it might annoy the spirits. well, I surely get annoyed by the camera flash, I wouldn't blame them. 

3. USA

In the USA, you won't have issues with taking photographs, but you might get into trouble if you take pictures of private property. Make sure to acquire permission and pay attention to prohibiting signs. Except you, trouble makers. I know you don't care. 

2. North Korea

The picture pretty much describes it. There are severe restrictions on movements and behavior over there. You will need a guide to move around and the guide's permission to take photos. Either that or else...

1. Algeria

Well, it's the same sexist daily dose you find in the MENA region. It is forbidden to take photos of men unless you ask their permission, and if you want to take photos of women, you'll need to ask for their husbands or fathers, or male relative for permission. Ya know, since women can't choose for themselves for some reason and are treated like children.


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