5 Unbelievably Perfect Crimes
5 Unbelievably Perfect Crimes

Discover The 5 Most Unbelievable Perfect Crimes

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Most people say, there is no such a thing as a perfect crime. Yet, there seemingly are perfect crimes, the ones which remain open, drives investigators mad, and are virtually unsolvable. So let us look at five perfect crimes committed by wicked intelligence.

The Baghdad Bank Robbery

Discover The 5 Most Unbelievable Perfect Crimes 1

In 2007, at Dar Essalaam (house of peace), a private financial institution in Baghdad, was robbed by two guards who were able to escape with 282 Million Dollars. The bank was for some reason careless, perhaps because the money came from illegal sources. Good thing for the guards! 

The five Million Euros Stolen by the Twin Jewel Thieves who created a perfect Alibi

Discover The 5 Most Unbelievable Perfect Crimes 2

In 2009, three masked men decided to rob the second largest dept store in Europe. By simply using rope ladders, the thieves plundered everything they wanted and successfully didn't arouse any sensors or alarms. The only thing which remained behind them is a glove which has slipped. Even though the gloves were scanned for a DNA test, no one got arrested since the DNA identified two identical twins named Hassan and Abbas O. Because the law in Germany obliges that each person is individually convicted, and since have a very similar DNA,  none of them could be exclusively pinned to the evidence. 

The First National Vault Robbery

Discover The 5 Most Unbelievable Perfect Crimes 3

On October 7, 1977, one of the weirdest robberies ever happened. 4 Million Dollars was kept in a locked money cart which was also guarded in a heavily secured vault situated in two floors below the Chicago's First National Bank. The money was counted few day later, and One Millon Dollars appeared to be missing. In 1981, Some of the money appeared in a drug raid, but other than that, no one knows.   

The French Vaccum Gang

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A group of French geniuses successfully sucked out more than 600000 Euros from Monoprix which is a French Supermarket chain, literally! It seems that the unbreakable steel safes had a week spot, which was pneumatic tubes connected to the safes. The Vaccum Gang used a drill and a vacuum and successfully sucked out more than 600000 Euros in 15 robberies.  

The Tucker Cross Heist

Discover The 5 Most Unbelievable Perfect Crimes 5

This 22 Karat gold cross, embedded with beautiful green emeralds was found in the sea from a 1594 wreck of the San Pedro by Teddy Tucker in 1955. 

In 1975, this priceless treasure was to be moved to the Bermuda Musem of Art, yet mysteriously a thief succeeded to switch the original cross with a plastic replica Until this day, the case remains unsolved.


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