Did You Know That These 5 Specific Fruits Can Make You Fat?

There are good fruits and there are the ones you should throw in the garbage bin. 1 min


One of the best ways to lose weight is to substitute unhealthy junk food (all of those creamy, sugary, and mouthwatering foods) with healthy replacements. Ones that contain moderate amounts of sugar and are safe for the health; thanks to the fiber they contain, that is fruits.

Although most of the fruits are healthy and help you to not binge on that bar of chocolate, There are some very bad fruits that could keep you forever stuck with that pile of fat or make you gain one.

Discover with Buzzyat these sneaky bad fruits.

5. Watermelons instead of Pears

Pears can significantly hinder your weight loss process since this fruit disrupts the work of your intestines due to the strong constipating effect they hold. 

on the other hand, you could replace these with watermelons, they are awfully delicious, contain lots of fiber and water which satiates you quickly and have a diuretic effect. 

It doesn't end here, Buzzyat chose this awesome fruit for you, because, in addition to all of the above, they are very great when the weather is hot since they restore the water balance, which is also critical for your skin and figure.  

4. Stop it with the Apricots and go for Strawberries

If you're a fan of Apricots then we advise you to cut down on them a little bit. This fruit is sort of heavy, eat too many of em and it will cause you indigestion, but the real threat is in the stone. You see, the insides of the apricot stones contain amygdalin which forms hydrogen cyanide in the stomach. This potent poison can cause dangerous effects, such as nausea, dizziness, and even fainting.  

On the other hand, you have strawberries, which are considered one of the best products for healthy nutrition. This small fruit is rich in fiber, lots of water, vitamin C, very little sugar regardless of its awesome taste, and helps fight cellulite!

3. Avocado

Although Avocadoes are super delicious and healthy, they aren't the kind of fruit you wanna eat during a diet. Avocado is kind of a fatty fruit, and for a legitimate reason: its energy value is 227Kcal, so it's better to just use them for stuffing or spread them on small amounts.

2. Bananas are bad for you, fo for grapefruits

Did You Know That These 5 Specific Fruits Can Make You Fat? 3

Most people love bananas, and you are probably one of em, but we're sorry to say that you have to stay away from this too..  😰

Bananas are the most energetic fruits. They take too long to digest and scientist recently found substances in them that block the activity of fat splitting cells

Grapefruit though is the best for fighting against excess weight. Thanks to the enzymes it contains, grapefruit help to actively process calories. As long as your meal is no more than 800kcal, no damage will happen to your figure if you eat half a grapefruit with it. 

1. Grapes are the worst fruit

Did You Know That These 5 Specific Fruits Can Make You Fat? 4

"An apple a day keeps fat away" is the new adage. Apples are the best for fitness. They do not contain fat and their energy value doesn't exceed 100Kcal. They are rich with fiber and satiate your raging appetite. Moreover, they fight cellulite due to the antioxidants and pectins they contain. 

Grapes, however, are among the worst fruits out there. Their sweet taste comes at the expense of a high sugar density, their rind is difficult to digest, the seeds could congest the intestines, and the acids in them damage tooth enamel


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