Amazing Pictures of How Fetus Develops In The Womb Until It Turns Into A Baby
Amazing Pictures of How Fetus Develops In The Womb Until It Turns Into A Baby

Amazing Pictures of How Fetus Develops In The Womb Until It Turns Into A Baby

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Lennart Nilsson was first discovered in 1965 when he published 16 pages of his photographs of humans embryos in LIFE magazine. His passion for microscopes and cameras started at a young age, then the ambition evolved to show the world the beauty of the human fetus as it grows in the womb. In 1957, when he first attempted to take photos of a fetus, he couldn't publish them since they weren't good enough

Later in life, Nilsson succeeded in getting precise shots with the help of a cystoscope - a medical instrument used to examine the inside of the urinary bladder. by attaching a camera with a tiny light to it, he managed to take for us pictures that depicted the beautiful and captivating process of the formation of life inside the female body

here are the marvelous pictures which show how beautiful life can be if looked at from a different perspective. 

1. The sperm moving along the tube towards the egg.

Here's a fancy picture of the egg (our first home)

This is when the sperm find its way to the egg

1 succeeds in the race and gets in first

From a spermatozoon's perspective. The head is where all of the genetic material exists.

After a week, the picture shows us the embryo migrating to the womb by floating downwards through the fallopian tube.

Another week passes by, and the embryo successfully attach itself to the wall of the uterus.

Day 18: The fetus's heart starts to beat for the first time.

This is the embryo at 22 days' development. That weird grey thing is the future baby's brain.

Day 28

Five weeks: the fetus is nine milimetres long; you can see that the face is showing the outlines of the eyes, nostrils, and openings of the mouth

Day 40: The exterior cells of the fetus join with the loose surface of the uterus wall to form the placenta.

8 weeks

10 weeks. The eyes are forming and will be completed in few days.

10 weeks, it started to use its hands to study the environment

16 weeks

Blood vessels are visible through its skin

18 weeks: The baby can now detect sounds from the outside world.

19 weeks

20 weeks: the baby starts to grow its hair.

24 weeks

6 months

Amazing Pictures of How Fetus Develops In The Womb Until It Turns Into A Baby

8 months:

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