7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 1

7 Things Men Just Don’t Understand About Women

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1. Why are they so cold all the time ?

If you’ve ever worked in one office space with a woman, you probably heard them nag about the Air conditioner not working. Even if it’s a middle of the summer!how? dictionary scientific study has proven that our dear women may indeed be cold naturally. Weird, I know! But how do you fight something like cold? This will remain a mystery for now.

2. They like bad boys

7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 5
You must have definitely heard one of them sigh and drool over some tall dude with abs and "I don't give a fuck" look in the face. And the reason women drool from just gazing upon these bad boys, is pretty simple – they’re not boring. Simple as that. Kinda disappointing answer, to be honest. I was gonna guess “genetic fetish”, but apparently bad boys are fun at parties!

3. When "fine" doesn't mean fine but the fact that you're dead meat

7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 6
when you ask her "what's wrong babe?" and she gives you a murderous look which might hunt you in your nightmares and replies in a monotonic voice "I'm fine..". It sucks when you fall into that situation, like hello miss? communicate so that I might understand, it's not like everyone of us is a telepathic vampire

4. why she gallops down her throat your precious fires ?

7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 7
Have you ever tried to be a gentelman so you brought her to a restaurant and bought all the junk food you aren't supposed to eat, then suddenly you find out that she finished her fries and already swallowing down yours? like damn! where does that food even go ? and you find yourself begging for a bite from YOUR fries!

5. The bathroom gang

And still no man will ever know why girls leave the table and drag a group of ten with them, like can't you do your business alone and in peace ? Moreover what in God's name do they do there ? perhaps share gifts...?

6. Oh and Gossips ..

7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 8
It's always good to be updated about the accuracy of your loved ones' lives, though some women (Not all thankfully) make it their mission in life to gather unneeded information about people, and being nosy is simply not attractive at all, so you don't get why they even bother with such inane unnecessary details

Are you done yet, love?

7 Things Men Just Don't Understand About Women 9
"Babe have you finished ?" "Just five more minutes!" and those minutes turn into an hour. dressing and redressing and no matter how much you tell her that she is beautiful, she still tries that hat she bought five years ago just in case it might look good. Who said stepping out of the door is such a daunting task ?


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