5 Ways To Drink Green Tea Properly To Lose Belly Fat 1

5 Ways To Drink Green Tea Properly To Lose Belly Fat

Here is the correct way to drink your tea. 1 min


Drinking tea is becoming the new ‘cool’ thing to do lately, but unlike the other ‘cool’ things, tea is the good type of cool; the healthy cool. It comes in different aromas and successfully satisfies all different taste buds, in addition to its calming effect which comes as a salvation in the era infamous of its anxiety and stress. But what’s important is the fact that many scientific studies have shown how tea makes you lose fat very quick But before you rush to brew that tea since you’re probably battling with that stubborn belly fat, we’d like to make sure that you’re doing it the right way.


Here are 5 ways to drink tea properly:

5 Ways To Drink Green Tea Properly To Lose Belly Fat 4

1. Brew it carefully


Many of you do not pay much attention to how important it is to brew tea correctly because the main reason you're drinking tea is to preserve the antioxidants it has to make that tummy flat. 

Here's what you gotta do: 

-Heat the water until it's warm, not cold but not hot either, got it? good. 

-pour that water on the desired amount of green tea -I believe this step is very easy- and let it steep 3 to 5 minutes and make sure to keep the container covered.

-Next buddy, Sift tea from the water and enjoy your cup of tea!

Note: Make sure to put a cover on the tea left in order to preserve its antioxidants. 

2. Make of Drinking tea a habit


It is important to get into the habit of drinking tea, Stay consistent and you'll see how that tummy will get flat. Here are some ways to get that good habit:

-Drink tea after you wake up. We know that every person has their own routine, but it would be great if you find a way to wake up early (cause many studies showed that early birds are usually slimmer than night owls) make tea right after you wake up or half an hour after and drink it, the more you do this, the better your sleep habit will become and you'll increase your daily intake of tea. 

-If you're working, grab a cup of tea instead of pulling on your hair like a mad person.

-Drink tea while sitting with your friends. This is a better habit than booze and junk food, have fun and drink your tea simultaneously.

-Make tea a companion to your daily routine. It is a very smart idea, to drink tea while you do the usual stuff, such as reading a book or an article or even a Facebook post! or while you're writing down that stupid homework that kept you away from something more fun or even while you're walking down the street. 



Sugar is a poison, google it and you'll be bombarded with endless results about the damages of sugar on health. 

Remember that you're drinking tea for its benefits; adding sugar will destroy all weight loss benefits earned by the tea. 

If you have a sweet tooth, try adding a small spoon of honey to your cup of tea, it will give it the desired sweetness, although it is advisable to drink it without adornment. 

4. Replace coffee with tea


Now, this isn't some kind of propaganda against coffee, but results show that tea is way better than coffee since it contains less caffeine and wouldn't make you jump around like a stress ball! in addition to that, tea doesn't make your teeth as yellow as Shrek (we love you Shrek). 

Tea has a lasting calming effect on the body and doesn't make you addicted. yeah, I'm talking about you coffeeholics. 

5. Drink your tea while it is cold


You better make a shrine for me after I give you this trick. Drink your tea while it's cold, especially before dinner, your body will burn more calories while warming the tea within your stomach and will also decrease your appetite, we already mentioned how tea makes you lose appetite so consider taking it cold for better effects. 


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