10 Creepy Celebrities Lookalikes That'll Make You Question Who are The Real Ones 1

10 Creepy Celebrities Lookalikes That’ll Make You Question Who are The Real Ones

It will take you a moment to find the real one 1 min


Have you taken a moment to ponder upon the possibility of someone out there that looks exactly like you? Well, statistics say that there’s one person who looks like you somewhere in the world.

So while we hope that you’ll meet this person and experience that breathtaking moment of wonder, we show you 10 celebrities lookalikes who could pass as twins! Enjoy the eyesturbation (yeah I just made that word up).

10. Miley Cyrus

Just in case you're sill confused, Miley is the one to the right and her duplicate is the one who's wearing Miley's old daring I-give-shits-about-what-you-think style. She gained over 30000 followers on Instagram so far.

9. Ryan Gosling

The Fashion blogger Johannes Laschet is a fashion blogger. Thanks to his huge resemblance to Ryan Gosling; this law student from Germany became very famous. 

8. Cara Delevinge

Olivia Herdt is a YouTuber who lives in Uruguay, she practices Yoga and is damn gorgeous! With her striking eyes and facial features, she looks a lot like Clara. 

7. Megan Fox

The Brazillian model Claudia Alende (to the left lol), who looks very similar to Megan Fox and let me tell you, she is no less gorgeous! 

6. Emma Watson

If it weren' for the British blogger Megan Flockhart's narrow jaw, you wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between the two ladies. 

5. Britney Spears

Michaela Weeks has her own program and goes on tours, maybe part of her success was the striking similarity between her and Britney Spears. 

4. Adele

I know this looks like a picture of Adele's before and after a strict diet and so much time in Gym, but believe it or not the one in the white/black picture is not Adele but a beauty blogger and makeup artist from Sweden; her name is Elinor Hellborg

3. Ed Sheeran

As you can see, Ed got himself a double, Ty Jones. Guess Ed Sheeran's haters won't be happy about another twin walking down the surface of the earth. 

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

So, to all you girls (and boys) who can't get enough of Leo's beauty, The heavens have blessed you with a double. This Swedish twin (isn't it weird to have so many Swedish people on the list?) is a model and a skateboarder. Just in case you wanna change Titanic's ending, you can always call Konard Annerud

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

The winner of this list is Arnold's double Lionel Cironneau, who looks like a twin from a different race.


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